Smart Energy for a Brighter Future


Solution for the Community

Microgrid, Li-ion Battery, VPP, Hydrogen, E-mobility... these energy services we provide are smart, innovative and progressive choices for our customers.

  • To provide safe and reliable energies,
  • To build healthy and sustainable communities,
  • To create a better and brighter future,

We believe our innovation and passion will lead a brighter future that’s positive and warm
— like the sun.


Solution for the Utility

The strong growth of renewable energy system installations posts several challenges for the existing power grids. We have been providing frequency regulation service to PJM, a U.S. regional transmission organization using the large scale battery system in order to bring solution to solve these problems.

Solution for the Commercial and Industrial customers

The microgrid is the best way to get the clean and self sufficient energy for commercial and industrial customers. Collaborating with the Adon Group, a Hawaiian based microgrid developer and operator, we have been developing microgrid systems consisting of solar arrays, advanced batteries, direct current appliances such as air conditioners, solar water heaters, two way electric vehicle chargers and other technologies.


Company TEPCO Innovation & Investments US, Inc.
Establishment July 2017
President Hiroyasu Kawashima
Capital 4,000,000 USD
Business Development, investment and management support of innovative energy businesses.
Adon Construction, Inc.
Adon Renewables Corporation
Green Vision LLC
Fermata, LLC